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5 steps to starting growing your business

  • 1Sign Up

    Click on the menu's item Plans and select the plan which meets your needs. Click on the button Get Started and fill the form. You can even sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account.

  • 2Connect your social networks

    Sign In and click on the menu's item Posts. Then click on the button Connect accounts. Connect your social accounts. You can even create groups with accounts which will allow to select with a click all accounts you want. You have to enable groups from Settings -> Posts -> Display Groups if you want to use groups with accounts.

  • 3Schedule your posts

    Select connect social accounts or groups with accounts. Enter a text message in the post area. Select videos or images which you want to share. Then select to Share Now the post or use the arrow dropdown to select the schedule option. If post will be scheduled to be published today, please select the date too.

  • 4Connect RSS Feeds

    Sign In and click on the menu's item Posts. Then click on RSS Feeds tab and on the button Add RSS Feed. Enter your RSS Feed's url and click on the button Save RSS Feed. You will be redirected to the RSS Feed Page. You have to select accounts or groups with accounts where will be published the RSS's posts. Next in the Settings tab, enable the options you want.

  • 5Sending your email campaigns

    Sign In and click on the menu's item Emails. Then create an email's campaign. Create an email's list and upload your email addresses. Click on the button Manage at the created campaign and start to compose your email templates by using drag and drop. Email's templates could be sent immediately or scheduled.

Connect your social networks

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